Hey FDOT, Don’t Make The Palmetto More Dangerous

Safety First

Why is FDOT, Florida Department of Transportation moving forward with Express Lanes on the SR 826 Palmetto Expressway when they know that these dangerous lanes have caused accidents and fatalities to increase exponentially on I-95 since they were installed in 2008?

Watch video report by Channel 10 on why State Troopers are now speaking out about how they can’t do their jobs and how they fear for their own safety on the I-95 Express Lanes. Do we want this on the Palmetto SR 826 too? No way FDOT!

 12,192 Express Lane Accidents in three years!

Folks, that’s 4064 accidents per year or 11 accidents per day due to express lanes on I-95.

FDOT planning similar I-95 Express Lane system on the Palmetto SR 826.  Plastic poles included.

Its true, as much as we wish it were not.  The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is planning on that same dangerous design on the Palmetto Expressway.  Narrowing general travel lanes from 12 feet down to 11 feet,  using those infamous plastic “delineator” poles to separate the express lanes from the general non-tolled lanes and narrower emergency lanes.

FDOT needs to to put Safety back where it belongs; as priority #1.

It seem unbelievable  with the enormous amount of money that these express lanes generate that safer solutions have not been used.   We should absolutely demand that FDOT make existing express lanes on I 95 safer by not using plastic poles  that invite the dangerous practice of lane diving.  We are sure the smart engineers  and designers can come up with a better plan than using plastic poles.

They must also restore emergency lane widths to pre-express lane widths to allow for a safe area in the event of driver breakdowns and for troopers to do their jobs safely.   The width of a parking space does not cut it FDOT!

We don’t want dangerous Express Lanes like the ones on I-95 on the Palmetto.  Its already one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in the entire state.

If you can’t make it safe then DON’T DO IT FDOT!

Demanding FDOT Put Safety First!